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Jan 20, 2012
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San Diego
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O.M.G. I had no clue there was a Photo forum! :O I've been dabbling with the idea of getting an awesome camera to take photography up as a hobby BUT I know nothing about cameras. HELP!My name is Gabriela but you can call me Gabbie... I'm 24 years old and have a 4 year old son named Elvis. I lOoooooove animals of all kinds but am currently keeping tarantulas, snakes, geckos, and a parrot. Originally from Corcoran Ca. but have been in SD for 6 years. : )Oh and I want a Nikon.
Woah woah not everyone at once! MAN I feel welcome. Lol!
Welcome! Sounds like you have some nice subjects to shoot! And yes.. Nikon is the way to go! lol!

(and be patient! There are CRANKY photographers around here!) :)
Oh oh, lol! I've been looking around some but can't seem to make uP my mind since I have no clue what I'm lOoking at.
Welcome. You had me up until you said the "N" word. LOL. Just kidding. I'm in North County. Canons work better here. Weird.
Well it's all ones opinion and I respect that but I really want a Nikon, lol! I think I have a Canon but it crapped out... Only works sometimes.
Welcome anyway. Looking forward to seeing your work. Post up and tell us what you get.
Thanks! Your not gOing to help me choose a Nikon? ;P
LOL, I can't be part of that. Friends don't let friends buy Nikons.
XD Friend already? Aw. : ) Okay, so tell me why I should get a Canon.
XD Friend already? Aw. : ) Okay, so tell me why I should get a Canon.

I'm just kidding with all that. Use whatever you are most comfortable with. Both brands produce amazing quality. I like canon because it's what I learned on so I am comfortable with the controls.

Not sure what your budget is, but tons of people rave about the d7000. I'm just not familiar enough with Nikon to really give advice, but it looks nice to me.

D7000 from Nikon
oh lovely inked one..... what kind of shooting to you want to do? What are your photographic aspirations, hopes and dreams? We will try to help you make them come true! lol!
All I know is that I LOVE animals and nature do I'd go with that. My budget actually pretty low right now but I have a jar where extra change goes... I think 2500 would be a good amount to save up? If I could get a camera in payments then I could go a bit higher. I love animals, tattoos, and piercings. :D

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