Hello my name is Colleen and I love taking pictures and editing them!!


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Feb 2, 2012
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I am new to forums all together but I absolutely love the fact that I can talk to people that have the same interests as myself. I have been taking pictures for years, but not professionally. I dont think there is anyone that has taken more pictures of Chicago then myself. I love to edit photos, and make photos look like a piece of art, or disect them into a few different photos. I want to get into business. I just need advice. Feel free to give me any advice in entering into business for myself. I would love to hear it, good or bad. Thank you for reading my post and hope to hear from you all!!
Welcome aboard. Don't mind these nuts...:roll:
Welcome! If you post pics for C&C on this forum, be prepared to receive REAL C&C. Just a little warning :) Welcome aboard.

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