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Jan 2, 2008
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hello this is my first post, good to be a member.

In November I was bought a Canon EOS 400D with the standard 18-55mm.

I took it to NY got loaads of shots..

First off, what do you guys think of these :confused:



there's a couple...

When I got back and uploaded the shots, i noticed a fibre caught in the shots.

It appears to be INSIDE the lens? Any ideas or tips to cleaning the different parts of the camera, i took the lens off and tried wiping it down but seemed to have caused more problems than i started with...

Help would really be appreciated, it is so frustrating, thanks George :hail:
Well I like the pictures, but in the night one with the cars, were you on a slant or something? Just looks like it, maybe the camera was a bit off or something. Anyway, also, if you want to do lots of architecture(sp?) you might want to look into a tilt shift lens. Lastly, are you sure the fiber is inside the lens and not on the sensor?
yeah well i was on a moving bus :thumbdown:.

well i took the lens off and wiped it completely clean, then when looking through just the lens it was still there and looks like it was inside...

i blew into it in a poor attempt to shift it... but now my lens is just all steamed up :thumbdown: , it's going from bad to worse.. and now when looking through the body without the lens i can see fibres on the display. I'm just gonna take it to the shop and get them to sort it out! so at the moment my camera is out of action, just takes steamy pictures with a fibre!



couple i took last night, notice the mark on centre left?
I have no comments on the pictures per say, except that it would be helpful to reduce the picture size to a max of 800 pixels so they are easier to view on the screen.
I don't know how, that's why i'm posting in the beginners section?
im a noob so idk but i dont see the fiber i think i see a small spot but my screen might be dirty lol well great shots i love the first one

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