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Aug 4, 2003
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Between The Pipes
Welp I thought I might post a little something. I have been browsing around and making little posts here and there but haven’t really met anybody. Eventually ill post some pics..mostly in the bloopers section sense im still learning ;).

My husband is all into photography, we took a class many years back. Unfortunately I cant remember a darn thing ;) however he turned me on to this site and it sparked my interest to start learning again. Everyone seems so nice and the pics are incredible.


Looks like we have another diehard hockey fan in the hizouse!

Unfortunately, judging by your nic, you are a Red Wings fan?....
God, I hate the redwings. but i won't hold that against you... too much anyway...
lol, naw not a wings fan...Im actualy a Kings fan, as well as a goalie fan. ;)
LilCujo said:
lol, naw not a wings fan...Im actualy a Kings fan, as well as a goalie fan. ;)

Ok, whew... would have a conflict in interest :D

So are you going to miss Roy? I sure will

Of course the news of signing Kariya and Selanne makes me a happy fan!
yeah Roy was good, but I have a felling just like Hasek he will be back ;). now Kariya and Selanne interesting pair, not a huge Selanne fan but I think he is a good player just bad attitude..but hey its hockey right ;) it will be nice to see how Kariya does with this new trade.

getting hockey withdrawals already...it really needs to be hockey season..
Yeah, hockey is right around the corner! I can't wait.

NFL preseason has started!

I love this time of year!!
hi *waving* ... u said ur husband turned u on to this site .. does he post here? :D
Hello Dew... :sun:

not yet ;) so far just looking and reading...I think im the first one to say something ;) and Im glad I did...everyone seems really cool and a lot of fun.
I don't even have a hockey team anymore...I like who is winning.... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
lol thats pretty much what happened during play offs..since the kings didnt make it. I was cheering for anyone playing against the ducks :oops:

Thanks again for the warm welcome. I got some pics that I will probably post tonight...although my 10 year old niece took some pics the other night and..well she is way better at it than I am...maybe I should leave this to the youngins ;)

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