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Help travel (carry on) with Nikon DSLR and lenses please.


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Jul 8, 2013
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Acworth, Georgia
I am getting ready to go to Seoul this coming Tuesday. I have a Lowepro bag that I think is going to be slightly too big (by 1.5") for the airline's 22"x14"x9" carry on requirement.

I don't have time to order anything online. Is there a backpack at Best Buy that is suitable for a DSLR and some lenses that meet the carry on size requirement?

I am wanting to take D800, 14-24mm, 24-70mm, and 50mm Prime. I'd also like to take my D3100 as a backup. I can put the battery chargers in the check in luggage.

Please help.
First, if your Lowepro is soft sided, it should fit.

Second, here is another idea. Get a carryon bag that will handle all of your camera gear. Also put some normal carry-on stuff in their (medicine, toiletries) plus some clothing to cushion it. Or get a camera bag insert (any camera bag store would have one--you don't need it for the full bag). Carry on your carryon (full of camera gear with some cushioning items). And check your Lowepro (stuff it full of clothes and other stuff).

I typically use a black duffle bag (soft sided) as my carryon. In it, I can fit a foldable softbox, a tripod, a body, multiple lens, 1-2 speed lights, a small reflector, a bunch of smaller crap (batteries, SD cards, filters). And I put a couple of shirts, maybe a scrim, toiletries in there.
My Lowepro is linked below. According to the size requirements for American Airlines, it is alittle to deep. Size requirements are 22" x 14" x 9" and my bag is 19.7"x 12.2" x 10.2".
Fastpack BP 250 AW II Camera bags, backpacks and rolling cases

I am really nervous about getting to the airport and having to get turned away.... I will be doing a lot of walking on this trip so I am really preferring a backpack type solution instead of a bag.
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If you can push it down a bit it should not be a problem. So when you pack it just leave some room (don't put anything in that front pouch like that fat wallet like they show in the web photo of the pack). I had one bag like that and only on the Boeing 737 would I have to watch not to overpack for the height so it would squish down to size. My current bag is 14" x 9" x 20" and looks like a midget next to what most people are taking onto the plane, and with a couple things in the outside pocket that 9" goes past 10" and it still fits no problem.
I don't think 1-1/2" will be a problem, but I'm not the one with the final say either. I'd recommend calling American, explaining the problem, and see what they say.

I usually fly Southwest and I've seen people bring carryon bags that nearly double the limits. Basically as long as they can stuff it in the overhead bin nobody cares. My camera bag is marginal, probably on the big side of marginal, and I've never had anyone say anything about it.
BTW, I think the real issue is NOT the size of the bag, it's the order that you board. Scott's right--people board with all sorts of extreme crap. But the further you are in the boarding order, the more likely you are to hear: "all overhead compartments are full, we're asking everyone to check any roller boards and remaining carry-on luggage." So as long as you can live with that Lowepro under the seat in front of you (i.e.: taking up all your leg room) and you're not in an exit row or bulkhead seat, you're good. Otherwise, it doesn't matter what size it is, if you aren't willing to put it under the seat and you're boarding in the 4th or 5th group, it may get checked.
I've never had a backpack questioned for size. I wear it onto the plane and put it under the seat. If it will fit under the seat you should be fine. Don't assume you'll get overhead space unless flying in 1st class or unless you have status with the airline and will have advanced boarding.
I sometimes limp up to gate and ask for early boarding.
I'm thinking of buying a single collapsible crutch.
I travel with my Lowepro Slingshot 300. Slides under the seat in front of me without issues.

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