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    I was looking through ebay and found a "used" d90. In the item description it says that it has 4 shutter actions. 3 of them were him testing the camera. It also says that it was preowned. My question is this. Is there anyway someone could get into the camera and change the exif data to only show 4 shutter clicks? I guess the previous owner could of shot in raw format the entire time. I just want to make sure that this information couldnt of been erased from the camera or changed. Thanks.

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    Never heard of anyone resetting shutter actuations count in the camera.
    Raw images count as shutter actuations also.
    Get the current owner to take a picture of today's paper at basic quality and send you the original jpg (not 'saved for web.' - that wipes exif) That will have the current shutter count readable with any EXIF reader.

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