Hertz has got to 8,000!.........


Damn You!
Jan 21, 2006
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........ bannings!...... oh sorry posts!..... :mrgreen:

Yep he's the reason your still here, and the reason i may soon not be.... its Hertz the ULTRA moderator....... and he's broke another milestone..... so leave a happy comment OR ELSE! :hertz:
Hey, he's not quite there yet...four more to go. He'd hate for you to be premature ... with your congratulations. :hertz:

So Hertz, hustle on over to Word Association and we can rack up those last four posts by playing together. "Four-play" as it were. Unless you can't be arsed.

I always enjoy trading words with you, Hertz. Here's to many thousand more posts. You're one of the people here who make this forum a fun place for me. :mrgreen:
hertz... you are for sure one of my favorite people..and i so love when your popping in and out of here....i just wish you would stay a tad closer to home...i miss you...a bunch..

here is to many many more......my favorite mod...
what!? When?! Hertz? Who is this man? Do I know him?
Two more to go......and the only person with their very own smilie :hertz:
Go Hertzilein, GO!
I want to open that bottle of ... Fanta for you!


Happy 8.000 posts (when you finally make it there then.... :roll: )
i'm sure i won't be around when you hit your milestone....so

congratulations my friend. i've enjoyed all 7998 of your posts. this is one instance when the phrase "it wouldn't be the same without you here" wholeheartedly applies. :thumbup:

take care.
:headbang: :cheers: Congrats Man:cheers: :headbang:
Hope to see another 8k:hertz:
congrats Hertz. Always entertaining:thumbup:

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