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May 11, 2006
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Hey there, my name is Peter iam 17 years old and i started drink about 3 years ago, opps, not the AA fourm:lmao:

KK names Peter , or Piotr, i am polish, live near toronto, and iam 17 years old, iam a amature photographer, I had a hard dissision(sp) to make a while back, either going into photography for chef training, i went whit chef training, and gonna keep photography as ones of my hobbies , along with my 100gallin fish tank, and my r/c cars.
A little about me, born in poland came to canada, started taking pictures about 2 years ago with my moms canon powershot g3, iam currently a supermod at a toyotafourm, www.toyotatuners.com, if a admin as a problem you can just take it off, but i a sure you this isnt spam, I am also on pirnahafury.

I came here to learn more about photography, iam currently looking a getting a camera, my limit is around 1400 tax in cnd, i my eye on a d70 with a 20-45mm 2.8 nikon lens, and a 70-300mm 4.3 nikon, with a 60x 1gb card and all the other BS, for 1100cnd, if not iam iam looking at a new d70 899 +tax and then a lens,

my use for my camera will be alot of spots and close ups, not the best combo, but thats what i enjoy taking pics of, if any on can reccomand a good lens in the 400cnd price range i would be very thank full,

here are some of my pics, with my moms:blushing: canon power shot g3




never got around on croping this one

i have none of my sport ones uploaded , so these are the onlys ones i have uploaded

comments are always welcome

Welcome, Peter
You've got some nice shots there. Hey, did you know you can use the IMG icon (the yellow square with the mountains) so that the actual images will show up in your post? That may make it easier for viewing.
Looking forward to seeing more of your pics!
yes i know its easyer for viewing but for those 54kb'er this is much more convient;)
Hiya, Peter (Piotr), welcome to ThePhotoForum.
Let me tell you a secret: you get a much better feedback when you post one or two photos directly into a thread here (or even four or five), than when you send only the links. Few people who come to browse the forums have the time to really click on each link ... so unless there is a photo right here in the thread, they won't see them.

Nice to be mindful about the 56k-users, but... you can always put up a 56k-warning in your title when you post 6 or more photos in one thread.

Well, I clicked on some links at random and got the impression that when you use your camera, you already got a good idea of what you are doing. You certainly have "the eye" for things. And you know how to use DOF (depth of field) and POV (point of view).

Now come on and post some photos directly, eh? ;)
great shots, my fav is the one of the car hiding behind the wall
Ya got some really cool shots. Welcome to the forum!!
thanks guys, iam not taking alot pics now, just no time right now, i maybe have one day free and i always have somthing to do then, but i think ill force my self to start taking more pics when i get my camera,

glad you guys like them

Hey Peter!

Welcome to TPF - you've obviously got a great eye for photography, and I look forward to seeing some more excellent shots from you. I think my fave has to be the level crossing - not seen that done before, especially with the view under the train!

thanks every one, i just got a new camera , so expect alot of pics soon
yeah some sick shots man. specially like the riding one cuz i have to agree with Fate.. come to think of it, who would want to argue with Fate.. but MTB does, in fact, rule! didn't know we had that many riders on this forum

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