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Jul 30, 2010
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I’m a guy.
With a camera.
Sometimes, I
Take snapshots.
Then I think a little, aim a little, frame a little, squint a little, and
Take a photograph.
Sometimes, my snapshots are art.
When my daughter cuts them up and uses them in her collage.
Sometimes, my I think my photographs could be art.
Because people think I should print them.
But some think that photographs cannot be art, unless they were hand-coloured.
Don’t know their position on spilled paint.
I’m a beginner.
I’ve clicked various shutters for forty plus years.
One of these days, I’ll learn enough to ask the questions.
For now, I think about the questions to ask, and then about who’s smart enough to answer.
Sometime, the answers to the questions I have not asked come
On a sunray on the window, or on the buzz of a bee’s wings on a flower.
Sometimes, the answer comes on the lips of a smiling child, who didn’t say a word.
Sometimes, it is the breeze moving the leaves away so that we can see deeply inside.
And sometimes, there are no answers. Just unspoken questions hanging in the air, waiting to be discovered.

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