Honorable Mention is better than nothing!

Cool! Congrats to you!

[Village Idiot saw the magazine and started a thread too...here]
Congrats Mya! I for one am always impressed with your work and aspire to reach your abilities sometime in my life. Awesome job!
It's wierd because a friend of mine needed to pick up some stuff yesterday and wanted to go to the mall to find a pair of jeans. I was bored out of my mind waiting on her so I went to the book store to kill some time. The first photography mag I picked up and started flipping through, I saw that photo and I knew I saw that in one of her threads on here.

Cool stuff.

great job morgan...well deserved.

I remember that, or a similar one you posted here, and I thought it was great then!!
Mya Congrats!!! That is one of my favorite photos of yours.

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