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Oct 2, 2005
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Ok you all.. :) Im learning.. Slowly but certainly... Today I grabbed a few just because of what ever shots... What do you think today?

Bottom of a table


A Bike Petal


Be HOnest, but be gentle ;)
Interesting subjects and neat perspective on that first one. I think that the B&W works well here. Nice job :)
The top image is very cool, just to my liking, the DOF is drop dead gorgeous.
The 2nd image, well I am a bike lover and must say awesome.
The first as a little bit of a tilt that can be easily fized. I think you should add some more contrast to both as well. The bike pedal one doesn't do it for me. All I see is a regular bike pedal... try and not get so close to the pedal and show a long path in the distance.
Abstracts are so difficult to get right but you've done a good job here...I also think a little more contrast could be used on both shots.
Got to try something like this one day.

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