How do I use this? - Ground Level Set on Gitzo GT1541T


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Mar 14, 2009
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Toronto, Canada
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I'm trying to get this low angle adaptor set up but I'm having a problem. I basically know what I have to do but the bolt in the center column doesn't come apart? Is it supposed to be that way? Do I need an additional reversible bolt?

IMG_0401 by _erotavlas_, on Flickr
Hmm, my bolt comes out when I unscrew the plate that the head sits on. Yours looks a little different (I have the 3531)....

Honestly though, when I want to get near the ground, I usually turn the entire center column upside down, so that the camera hangs from the tripod. Gets you closer to the ground, and you don't have to take the head off, just the bolt with the hook at the bottom of the center column.

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