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Jan 2, 2008
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As a photo noob, I am wondering how many photos other noobs are taking a day?

My brother (who is into photography and he get me started) says I am nuts, I take 400-600 a day...although today I have taken NONE, which is the first day I have not used my camera. Its been a really busy day and I dont feel very inspired. Anyways...

Anyone else nuts like me? :lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao::lmao:
I'm averaging about 1000 per month between my D80 and the D40.

You burned yourself out doing 400-600 per day. :lmao:
400-600 a day? Yikes. I usually don't take too many photos Monday-Friday since I'm at school for 7 hours, unless of course an oppurtunity presents itself. I save my shooting for the weekends when I have more free time, and even then I can't imagine taking that many shots.
I could probably pull off that many if I go somewhere interesting...but normally...not even close.

On an average day that I do shoot...maybe 100...somewhere around there. Depends what it is, though. If it's a model, I could fill the card just to be safe...if it's a brick house...I can always go back later.
I dont see how you get 600 a day out. Sometimes I have a hard time getting one or, two. For me the weather has benn terrible lately. We have had nothing but snow so, it has been bad.
At a live band gig, maybe 400-600 a night. Doing PJ work, 24-36 per event. Studio, max 100 per sitting. After wearing out too many shutters, I'm a little more conservative than I used to be. BTW, no noob here, been shooting some kind of camera since 1965. I do shoot a lot more since going digital.
Oh goodness I guess I am nuts. I take a ton of the same thing with different settings, distances, angles, etc. I also take a ton of photos of my kids and a ton of photos of nothing working on settings and techniques and such. I get only 5-20 "keepers" a day out of the bunch. And I am a stay at home mom so I can pack my camera along everywhere I go.

Maybe I did burn myself out a little....I think its more that my kids are being nightmareish, I am hormonal :p and so tired and its raining. boohoo

So what software are you using to sort through all of these?
I go through with picasa and the keepers go through DXO into a new file...I need to start deleting I guess....

I just took 40 photos :) birds and clouds...oh the excitment :confused:
hey I just noticed me tag under my name...I am no longer a noob....that sure didnt take long
I think eventually you'll get the hang of how everything works on your camera. You'll know in advance what settings you want and will be taking less photos. It comes with experience. When I first got my d70, I snapped a lot (but not as much as you), but now I probably take about 30-70 on a day that i'm out walking around. If i'm going to some kind of event (motorsports for example) I might take around 150. With my film camera, I might go through a 36exp roll in a few days when i'm using it.
I agree, once I get better I will take less. I am mostly studying by taking so many photos. I hope someday I will know what I am doing :)
It depends on the day/event. I have found that I am becoming more selective as I progress. This time last year I would take twice as many shots as I do now. But frankly, I have decided to promote my photography business very vigorously this year. And because of that, I have slowed my pace down and become more focused before I take the shot.

I practiced a new lighting setup last night and was dialed in within 3 shots. I took test shots of 4 different people and shot around 10 shots of 3 of them and 5 shots of one of them and I got what I needed. I could have shot 3 shots each and would have been fine. Last year... it would've been 20 shots each minimum.

On the other hand, in August I shot a band competition of 12 marching drum corps and produced 2300 proofs (after deleting probably 100 bad shots). So it really depends.
600 is quite a bit. I only shot 2500 last year, granted I was in college and now law school so I don't shoot much in school, especially law school.

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