How To Create a Timelapse Video using a DSLR, LRTimelapse, Lightroom & Final Cut Pro X


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Apr 6, 2015
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I put together a quick tutorial detailing how I capture and edit a timelapse video using my Canon 1DX, LRTimelapse, Lightroom and Final Cut:
Interesting. Something I've never tried.
Your coverage was very thorough, and no matter what approach one takes for time-lapse, it is good to keep aware of the basics. I have never built a time-lapse in post. I have always worked in the camera. But that means I need to know the capabilities of my cameras. In the past, I used the "Git2" which is an inexpensive GoPro-like product as my main camera, because it had controls that had enough flexibility (exposure, contrast, sharpening and saturation) and a reasonable UHD output. This year I bought two new cameras, both of which had their own time-lapse support (Panasonic G85 and Sony a6400). But my original plan for this Winter was to be busy with other work. Since we are restricted, and most of my plans fell apart, and having watched your video, I decided to push through some time-lapse attempts to see if I could get a better version of a sunrise (compared to the one I have posted).

This is not a matter of technically operating my camera properly. It is basically a dice-roll hoping for the weather to co-operate. In December I was generally too busy anyway, but I kept an eye one the sky and I would not have gotten anything. In the past month, there were a few days that gave interesting results, and after working through camera settings, I wound up with some promising clips. I will probably post some notes with stills from the sequences.

I am still deciding whether to create a video for upload. My criteria for an upload is that it has to be "better" than what I have already posted, or "new" in some way. That much leaves me a lot of leeway, but really, if something is close to what I have posted, I prefer to pass on an upload unless it is "significantly" better. That is why I have never uploaded another sunrise. I have already recorded many, and a few have been better, but only by a small degree. If I upload some notes, I think stills will be good enough to show the issues I ran into. So a new video is not urgent. We'll see. . . .

Anyway, as I said, I think you have covered the topic well. Hopefully others will be motivated to try something.

Now that I am thinking about time-lapse, I'm going to take a moment to ask camera manufacturers to add a 1.25 second image rate to sequence/time-lapse functions. Right now, everything I see jumps from 1 second to 2 second image rates. That is nice for building 30 fps videos, but if you are building a 24 fps video then it is "good enough" but "not ideal". A "1 fps" recording displayed at 30 fps, results in a nice compression of 2 seconds of final video per minute of original time. That is easy to work with. But at 24 fps, I cannot do the calculation in my head. I can do it on paper, and that is annoying. If you add a 1.25 sec. image rate, then at 24 fps, you get back to 1 minute of recording per 2 seconds of display time.
I have done some time lapse, with canon 600d and hahnal timers
I would suggest anyone doing this have a battery grip with 2 batteries
I found that one , well used, battery was not enough for what I wanted
If you are a beginner you can just tap on the timelapse mode on your iPhone and record the video. Or you can shoot a long video and then speed it up using this tool in an app or online tool like
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