How to dry a wet dog


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Dec 14, 2003
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Kanes best friend Ringo.:lol:
:lol: great capture ..... awsome dog..... i so want my own kane.... im just thinking if my arm was that branch.... ouch!!
Sheesh, it sure shows you the strength of those jaws! Funny shot. Hope you used fabric softener before ya hung 'im out to dry.
aint they a b*tch to iron, though....

how in the world did you catch this at the right time..? unreal cannuck...

great shot as always.....
:lmao: great capture chiller, nice timing! :thumbup:
Thanks everyone.
Arch... awesome dawgs to have. Love German shepherds.
Anti.... the fabric softener I used was Lake Ontarios finest.:lmao:
April....there is a tree that had fallen down, and this branch stuck straight out. Every time we would make the branch move. Ringo would latch on it, and bounce up and down. These dogs are some stong.
aprilraven said:
aint they a b*tch to iron, though....

Kane lets me use the hairdryer, but kinda frowned on the iron part.

Anti...Im pretty close to Pickering Nuclear ya know. We have rainbow coloured water.

Thanks Jon and Linda

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