how to get this Natural light ?

added exposure IMO, really bumped it up. But the light source is behind the model (sun) and they most likely used a reflector to light up the front. Thena fter that, changed colores in PP and bumped up the exposure.
Situate the subject with the sun behind them, spot meter the subject. Adjust levels/curves slightly in post to acheive desired look.

What he said! ^^
Looks to me like a very large reflector was positioned to the left of the subject; the lighting ratio indicates to me that a LOT of fill light has been bounced into the shadows...see how bright and light the shadows are??? That indicates fill lighting was used. On fashion shoots, it's pretty common to have assistants aim 6x6 foot fabric panels at the subject, to relieve the inky shadows one gets when shooting late in the afternoon like this.

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