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How to send a polite "EFF YOU" to someone who you would think would know better...

Aha.. mystery solved! And she would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for us pesky kids and that meddling dog.

I'd be more forgiving if there was a cat involved.

I love cats.

Well when we first put the detective agency together we tried the cat thing, didn't work out so well. First we spent a lot of time in abandoned buildings, which are just full of mice and other things that kitties like to chase. Very hard to keep the critter on task with all of those distractions. The second and probably even larger concern was that we spent an inordinate amount of time packed into that tiny van and almost never popped for a motel room. Needless to say no matter what kitty litter you chose, this is a very bad situation indeed.

The cats really hated scooby snacks, which just killed our product placement. Worst of all is that when we finally did discover that the ghost/monster was really just some curmudgeon trying to perpetrate a real estate scam, the cats were just really terrible at feigning surprise. They pretty much all acted like they really didn't give a crap.

Of course all of that was bad enough, but the real truth is that none of the cats would have anything to do with Shaggy. He smelled funny.




gimme your address - ill send you some chocolate! and a grenade for the a$$bites that tick you off

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