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May 8, 2006
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USA , kansas
Helo, I'm shaun from south east kansas I have always had a intrest in photography. I recently got my own camera its a Canon SLR AE-1. I have a bunch of filters but im not sure how to use a filter or when to use one but I do know what it does. I know my cam is nothing speacil but i love and my dad said if I really get into photography that I am going to get a better camera. I have a tripod and a bounce flash ( I think that is what you call it) and a camera bag that i to big but I will grow into it.

Well thats me.
Well hello Shaun, and welcome to TPF. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here, and learn lots.
Welcome, you have a good camera to learn with. Don't assume it is not good just because its not a fancy new one. Learn the use it well, and you will make some great pictures with it. I have several cameras that are older than I am by a long shot and I love to use them.

Hey Shaun, welcome aboard. You got a great little camera! Believe me, age does not matter, I shoot only film and only with older cameras. My favorite camera is from 1954. The AE1 will serve you well if you take good care of it. Meanwhile, enjoy this Forum, it's a blast!
Thank you, I think this is a nice forum I'm sure I will like it here. I love my camera but I didnt know if people would make fun me cause I got a older camera or anything.
We all started out with older cameras :lol:...

A photographer is not judged by the $ in their camera equipment but by the quality of their photographs. Learn the basics of taking a good photograph with the equipment you have. Those skills transcend the equipment.

Many years ago (+20 years) I had a Pentax loaner which served me for a long long time. About 5 years later one of my brothers gave me his Minolta 9000 setup - he was sick of photographing. The Minolta 9000 setup served me very well.

I am in Topeka. I am learning what is interesting to photograph here. I have been photographing in two nightclubs lately - pretty fun.
welcome to TPF shaun, this is a great place to learn... i'm sure you will love it (TPF and your AE-1!)

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