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Jul 11, 2013
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I have a Nikon P100 camera. I cant afford to get a new camera but I was wondering if this camera would get the job done since I am a beginner. Can I edit the pictures too?

Thank you in advance!
What job would you like to do? Sure you can edit them. Welcome to the forum.
Hi and welcome to the forum, i learned very quicky that its the not he camera but knowing how to use the camera that gets good pictures. The Nikon P100 is a good camera and once you get some knowledge you will be surprised what you can do with it.
The best camera in the world is the one you actually have. No, your camera isn't the most capable, but there is a LOT you can do with it, and as mentioned above, the photographer counts a LOT more than the camera!
There are two (and really three) parts to an image:

1) Image capture (exposure and settings)

2) Image composition and design

3) Image processing (on your computer... after you capture the image).

The only thing impacted by your camera, is how it "captures" or acquires it's images. Higher end cameras are generally offering the photographer greater levels of control over how the image is acquired. They will also perform a better better in somewhat difficult shooting conditions where other cameras wouldn't do well at all. When shooting an non-challenging conditions (non-moving subjects, lots and lots of available light, etc.) then EVERY camera is going to do a great job. If you shoot in more challenging situations -- action photography... but in really awful lighting conditions -- that's when you'll start to notice that the choice of camera (and lens for those cameras with interchangeable lenses) makes a big difference.

As for #2 and #3... you can do that with ANY camera.
You can learn a lot from simply playing with different points of view, angles and light sources, regardless of what kind of camera you have!
If you're asking whether it can record light, which is the job cameras do, then yes. Cameras can't do much else. It's how they record and process the recording that makes a difference in file quality, and it's how you use the camera that makes a difference in photographic merits. Your camera can pretty much capture images similar to those of the top pros; the differences will be in file quality and perspective, and the ability to keep up with professional demands. There are physical limitations to what compact cameras can do and the quality they can record, but they're still just light recording tools. Light is doing the same thing it's been doing forever: illuminating stuff. Cameras don't change the physics of light, and the principles of photography are pretty much the same as they've been since the first camera. Advancements improve file quality, features and tools, but what you can make with any camera is mostly up to you.

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