I have a couple of smudges on my photos?


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Aug 10, 2013
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I bought a Nikon D5000 and all the photos have a couple of dark spots on them. I work with photoshop so I can always fix them but it is getting to be a bore. I checked the lens to see if there is any dirt but can't see any. A friend picked the camera up in England so it was not checked before purchase. Anyone know how I can clean this problem up? I live on the beach in Nicaragua and do a lot of graphic work yet up until now I have always used a small camera on automatic. This camera is getting me as I have no one here to talk camera with. Any advice would be appreciated.

Sounds like the cameras sensor is dirty and needs to be cleaned.
I'm not sure, but there might be a sensor cleaning option in your camera menu.
I think it vibrates the mirror but might get whatever is on there off.
Also you can blow it.
Any dust/debris on the main mirror will not show up in a photograph.

Dust/debris on the image sensor, or on the rear lens element, will show up in photographs, and even then, mainly when a small lens aperture is used.

Look at pages 206 & 207 of the D5000's users manual. https://support.nikonusa.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/16431

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