I have a problem..please help me!


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Apr 27, 2010
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Hey folks, I posted up some pictures a week or so ago of a little set of pictures I took for a friend of mine and she has decided which one she wants me to enlarge. Well..it just so happens that she picked one that is a bit OOF...lots of shadows...and cropped kind of far.


Is there anything I can do to make this picture better?

Thank you!

Unfortunately, out of focus is out of focus. A severe sharpening might give the illusion that it is slightly less out of focus (but will degrade the appearance of the image in other ways), but other than that, there's not much to be done.
Man tirediron first on scene again, hah. I believe he already said it, if your running picasa there is a sharpen tool on that as well. I use it and it sometimes gives it a little less fuzzy appearance but with this one above i'm not sure it can be saved.
Well I knew I couldn't fix the OOF but does the rest seem decent at least? I know its not the greatest.

There were lots more that I like a lot better but its not up to me...obviously!
what else is there? Focus is key for this type (and most types) of shots...
a bit?!?!
man that **** is OOF.
gotta reshoot id say.
The bad lighting. I know its a terrible shot..like i said I didn't pick it. I'll try to see if I can do it again I guess.
I duplicated the layer, put a high pass filter on at 4.5 pixels and changed the blend mode to overlay. Helps with the sharpness a bit.

The only thing you can do to make that photo look better is to re-shoot it, IMO.

Anything else is just putting lipstick on a pig.
Thanks for the attempt Blake..it def. looks better its just still not as in focus as it needs to be. I guess there is no getting around it.

Lol KmH I think you're right..lipstick on a pig hahah. Maybe I can suggest a different one..I just don't wanna be stepping on toes or something. Taking pictures for other folks is new to me..obviously.
What about this one? Any better? I feel like the background is a bit busy and not as flattering as the golf course but I certainly think its more in focus.


This is the original:

I'm not real sure why I was having a problem with focusing. As many problems as I usually have..focusing is not always one of them.
I would honestly just tell her That you would have to crop it too much or something, and then go back and frame the shot the way she wants it from the get go. If you reshoot it, it wont take too long to just get that one shot and you can take the picture the way she wants it so you wont have crop it at all. Works out better all around.
Thats what I'm thinking as well.

Just for my curiousity..that second one is focused better isn't it?

I'm starting to think I need glasses...
Just a tip for the future. Only show your "client" pictures that you are happy with. It seems like you showed them all, and she picked a bad one. Better to give her fewer choices, that are technically correct, than to give her choices with some shots that should probably be throwaways.
Gaerek that is a great tip. I actually thought about that today..but it was too late. We all learn from mistakes!

I really need to be harsh when picking through pictures to be sure I only show one's that are the best.

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