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Nov 27, 2006
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I am so clueless! LOL I went to save picture last night that I had been editing and it said that is couldnt save my pic. I knew my memory was running out yet for some reason I was shocked when i clicked on the computer performance thing and it simpky read "OUT OF MEMORY"!!!

So anyhow I dont even know what I ned to buy to put in there or anything so I called Dell. Well, of course they want to seel it to me - 512 MB for 50 bucks, which to me doesnt seem like a deal at allbecause I have seen more for less other places.
She went around and around while I tried to figure out what it is she was trying ot sell me as far as DDR or DDR2 or whatever the heck, most likely because she knew I just wanted her to tell me what's right to I could go buy it somewhere else. ha.
ASo anyhow she did tell me that I have a capacity of 2,000 but I've only got 256 in there which is only 10 percent or whatever. SO I know I can fit more. But does anyone know where i go in this computer to figure out what i need, the type and whatnot? I need to figure it out soon cause i have about 200 pics form a bridal session i need to edit and get back to the client!
Anyone know where I can find this out?
Never mind I am stupid - Walmart has a search right on their site to figure out what you need. DUH!
Just so you know DDR and DDR2 are RAM and that has more to do with the performance and speed of your computer than the storage capacity. What you really need to do if I am understanding you correctly is burn CD's and/or DVD's of the pictures on your hard-drive and remove them from it (the hard-drive). For me the best way to do this is to use archival discs http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produ...ces_DDVD_R_16_BINDER1_AG_DVD_R_4_7GB_8x_.html now their claims may be exaggerated but they say the discs will last 100+ years another way is to use an external hard-drive of some kind.
As a quick fix in panic times, you can purchase a USB memory stick to save files to. I know they come up to 8GB capacity. It's not a solution as much as it is a band-aid.
If I were you, I'd invest in an external HD (I got mine at newegg.com) so you can save your images on there (as well as dvds and cds) and free up space on your computer's hard drive.
But, I would also put more memory on there too if you can afford it.
Good luck!
I am an IT pro for 20 years. We deal with only Dell computers, since you called Dell I will assume you have a dell. It seems from your post you need to upgrade RAM, which are Sticks of memory that fit into your computer. The service tag you gave to dell lets them determine your model, which in turn gives them the specs, which you could look up also. From you post your model has a MAX RAM of 2GB, which tell me its an older model or a slim case type. With 256MB of RAM you should increase it as your budget allows. RAM is like desk space, its your "work" area, where DISK space of course is like your file cabinet, it stores your pics and stuff. Now depending and the age of your computer getting memory from dell for your dell stays under the warranty and it will work you don't have to worry about it being the wrong type, they know cause you gave them the service tag. Upgrading memory is as simple as removing the Stick that is in the memory slot and putting new stick in, its slot keyed so you can't put in wrong. Now how much you need, I don't know what operating system you are running or what program you use to edit your pictures, but if it is Windows XP or later and you use say Photoshop, get the max. I have a dell with CS2 and Xp and I have 2 GB, but with my model I could go to 4GB which I will have to since adding CS2 my system is a tad slower that I like. (I am UBER sensitive to slow PC's) Prices for Dell branded memory is very competitive and it will be the "Type" your dell computer needs. Hope this was helpful, if not just ignore.

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