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Mar 26, 2009
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i have a question that i am betting is stupid but w/e, i am new.

ok i have a canon powershot A200is, just impulsed bought it because i am in afghanistan and wanted a camera, fortunately from everything i read it is good for the price range. I just purchased a Canon G10 because i want to play with manual features and all see if i like photography or if its just i like to take pictures, from what i see there is a big difference. ok, now for my question. The main bad thing i read is that they shoved too many pixels into too small of a sensor, but since you can turn down the picture size can't you just make all your pictures 8 or 10mp. i am thinking most people say that it gets more noise due to the higher pixel, so does it correct it if you tone it down?

thanks, i hope my question makes sense, i tried
No, it just makes your image smaller. Using a lower ISO will help.

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