I just received my T2i, sooo excited


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Jul 25, 2010
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I just received my T2i, so excited. I cant wait to take pictures with it. but i don't even know how to use it yet.

i don't quite understand the manual. Hopefully i will be able to understand more after the private class next week.
just youtube t2i and you'll get a good start. Congrats! :thumbup:
I just got my L lens today too and I'm just as excited as you probably LOL
Can't wait till this weekend to explore with it! I hope you share some stuff soon for us all
T2i For dummies... get the book.. read it. lol not calling you a dummy. Its just that those books are put more * simply * for those who have trouble with the manuals.

Ive found them quite helpful.

Look forward to seeing your first pictures.

With as new as the camera may be.. im not even sure if they have that book yet... im sure they do though.
Congrats, and don't worry about not knowing everything it takes time to learn a new camera. Go out take some awesome shots post them up for us all to drool over and you will have it mastered in no time. Have fun
Read it cover to cover. Then use it for a few months and read it cover to cover again.
[ame="http://www.amazon.ca/David-Buschs-Canon-Digital-Photography/dp/1435457668"]David Busch's Canon EOS Rebel T2i/550D Guide to Digital SLR Photography: Amazon.ca: David D. Busch: Books[/ame]

this is the best book for that camera
I just got mine a few days ago.
Most other books are a glorified version of the manual with a lot of generic stuff. This book is not just a better version of the manual its a digital photo guide that relates directy to this camera.

Can't wait to see some photo's

I am just getting into dSLR's myself and have this camera
here is a link to my photo bucket. Many of the pix on here have been taken by this camera in the last month.


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