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Jun 18, 2013
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South West Wyoming
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So-- I had big plans to drive out to a rock formation called Boars Tusk after dark last night and shoot the moon. Well, it was cloudy and we never made it quite out to the rock formation. I did stop on the road to attempt to shoot what moon was available. But-- its not what I wanted. So I guess I'll try again tonight. Here's what I got:

Full Moon Over Red Desert by Amanda McClure, on Flickr
Love the clouds in front of the moon and the "aura" around it (was that the moon? It looks like the sun.)

I'm finding a bit of disconnect between the sky and the land. The ground feels a bit flat somehow and the color feels dull compared to the upper half of the photo. Maybe some shadows to bring out the contours of the hills?
It was the moon and it was very pink, these colors aren't quite right and I'm still playing with it in Lightroom. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll work some on the land as well.
Without my being there, I'm just guessing, but you said "pink", so here's my version of pink moonlight.

20821362249_68f5dc6452_h - Version 2.jpg
I actually prefer what you have to a normal big moon photo, much more atmospheric.
Heh, heh. Just going at this blindly, because I wasn't there.

20821362249_68f5dc6452_h - Version 3.jpg

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