I want one!

i like fish!
do you fry them in the pan? Or are they better deep fried?
flounder SMOTHERED in butter and onion and garlic powder. its a delicacy.
who uses garlic powder? should it not be fresh garlic??
talk to my mom. she used to make it for me. it was bangin!
get your mind out of the gutter!
Me did not say no banging word. It was you!
..ill get my mind out of the gutter...
i still like fish.

id like to own a fishtank wall. its a goal of mine. one that im sure ill never attain.
You've ruined my innocent thread. I don't make many!

I'm arranging my tanks right now. I'm going to have my two catfish and three angelfish in the 80l tank with three otto's.

Then the platties, guppies, glowlight tetras and silvertip tetra's can go in the 70lt tank when the baby fish in there I'm using to cycle the tank get big enough to not be eaten. Got two corries as well and they'll probably go in with them.

Which leaves me with an empty 40lt tank. I used to have a male betta but he died after a few months. Not sure why but my snail population exploded and he was very bloated. I do wonder if he ate them. So maybe I'll get a dwarf puffer of two. I'd love another fighter though.

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