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Insuring camera equipment through State Farm


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Jul 23, 2009
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North Carolina
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I tried to get my gear insured through State Farm today but the agent said that I need to have a home or auto policy through them for that. Has anyone else heard of this? I have done a few searches and not come across this before?
My equipment insurance is through my SF home policy...
What you're asking for is a Rider policy. It can only be attached to a primary policy.
What you're asking for is called a Rider. It's only available through a renter's or homeowner's policy (If you're wanting to ensure through a major national casualty insurer.) They typically get an itemized list from you, with whatever documentation you can provide, they determine fair market value and then insure your gear based on fair replacement value. I've had similar riders with both Allstate and SF. They're very standard.
Oh, I thought personal article insurance and a riders policy were different things.

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