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Interested in Induro CLT204 Stealth Carbon Fiber Tripod


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Dec 24, 2013
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New Jersey
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Hi all, my Manfrotto 190 tripod was stolen so need to replace it. I bought it in 2014 before I was aware of the Arca mount type. I've since purchased a Peak Design strap with an Arca plate and would like to keep that format.

Manfrotto doesn't appear to play very well with Arca. It was necessary for me to purchase a little conversion piece to get the head to work with my strap. I'm not sure I want to do that again.

So I was considering Induro. I hadn't ever heard of them before. I was considering the CLT204 4-piece carbon fiber tripod and the BHL2S ball head. Does anyone have any experience they can share? Better than the 190 Manfrotto?

Of course I can read the online reviews, but I was wondering about the experience of people here, and if you had any similar suggestions. I don't have enough to purchase a gimbal head, and the $399 + $299 for this kit is already super expensive.

Is there any chance there will be discounts available for Black Friday in a few weeks?
I posted this message a few days ago regarding tripod recommendations and haven't received any responses.

Can I ask a more general question for a tripod recommendation? What's your favorite tripod+ball head combination for around $650 max? Do you expect there to be Black Friday deals?
I have the 204 with the BHD2 head and i am pleased with it. Without knowing what body and lens you will be using it might be a little light. I also have the CLT 303 also with the PHQ3 (package deal) head which i think is a little sturdier . The Induro tripods have a 5 year guarantee and if you register them online then it is 10 years. Induro does offer package deals from time to time. I am very happy with mine , when the PHQ3 arrived after a month or so i noticed that one of the levels had no buble a call to Induro they sent me 2 replacements and some screws incase i lost 1 in the process of changing the bubble. I see you are looking for a Gimbal head you might check out the Movo CF head i picked mine up last year for 169.00 Amazon .
Good luck
I have the CT-304 with a Kirk BH1 ballhead and am very happy with it - wouldn't hesitate recommending Induro products. I also have the Induro gimbal that mounts on the BH1 and am also happy with that arrangement.

One thing caught my eye - you are talking about using Peak Design arca plates. I use (and love) Peak Design straps but I am a little leary of their arca plates. They seem lightweight to me and not appropriate for a large DSLR with large lenses. Should say that that is only my opinion - I don't recall ever seeing a complaint about them.

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