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Dec 29, 2005
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London, England.
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Hi Darksiders,

I was under the impression that you couldn't do IR shots with the Finepix s9500 but after seeing postedpixel's IR shot in General and googling for more I decided to order a Hoya R72 and try it out. I went and shot a few churches and a graveyard yesterday morning and this is what I got.

They're not really 'Darkside' as such but seeing as I haven't posted here much and they are of chruches and graveyards I thought they would fit. Feel free to shout if you think they're not darkside enough :fangs:



I've posted a shot of this church here before but I couldn't resist reshooting it in IR. Comparing the two shots I've concluded that they need to get their hedge cut (or preferably uprooted!)

My local graveyard.

I think the graveyard has loads of potential for IR shots but it started snowing (!!!) so I had to call it a day.


well mohain, yea these are dark enough for this gallery.... and they came out great.I like all the church one's ir is really effective in old church yards and you've made the most of it here. I'm really drawn to the last one tho, its simplicity and composition works brilliantly with the arch of trees framing the centre cross. Great stuff :thumbup:
I love them all ... :thumbup:

glad you posted them here ...

now I've gotta get me an IR filter!
Thanks Mom, Arch and Ani :)

TBH it's a right pain dealing with the processing of the shots. There is a large hotspot in all the images which needs a combo of burning, colour replacement, contrast adjustment. Also the s9500 only goes to 30 secs max (even on B setting, I mean, what's the point!) so you have to shoot in pretty good light to be able to get a decent exposure. Ramping up the ASA just means too much noise to deal with. I'm gagging to get out and try some more. Won't be able till the weekend now. Ho Hum.


Wow!! These are AWESOME Mohain!! I love them all. Nice work.
Really cool series, Mohain. The IR really looks like a good tool for church/cem shots. The shots with headstones all look like stills from a horror movie.
These are just awesome.
I've never tried the IR but I am totally fasinated by it.
ok, mohain... you have been hiding out from us ( which, considering our rep, i dont blame ya...)

your awesome at the ir shots... yours has a dreamy effect to it...i am thinking your a new recruit..!!

i love the shots of the church in the first two...they look like a knight should be headed down the trail.... with excallibur at his side...

great shots...keep them that your have the ir with it..!!
These are the coolest shots. I gotta get my IR filter going soon. Nicely done.
cool shots mohain, love the IR effects in this environment... :thumbup:
not usually a fan of IR but these are amongst the best i have seen.
well done

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