IR is photoshop 2

well a very dark red filter is what I seem to see everyone using...
but infrared is a totally different type of photography...
I really like it as well, and wish I could do it. Sorry I don't know of any tutorials to get the look.
(I personally don't like fake IR photos most of the's hard to get the right look)
I dont think you can do that with a normal photo is PS. One thing is that you wont get the trees white like that. You just have to shoot with a Hoya R72 (or any other IR filter)
can someone please recomend a filter for me? i have a nikon d40 and im on ebay now. i dont want to spend too much. thanks
A colour solarizing filter on camera or as a software plug-in.

my reccomendation is the hoya r72 filter. just check on ebay and you should be able to find a reasonable deal on one. theres also another filter that goes one step further in blocking out visible light and only allowing infrared light through, but your camera might not be sensitive enough to IR to use that efficiently. The r72 works fine on my camera (sony a100) and its by far the most common IR filter that people use.
thank you!! what is the difference between like 52 mm 77mm? then there is 52 mm which is the cheapest one i could find for 17.50. ur sure it will fit on my camera right? i mean if the 53 mm is gonna suck ioll be willing to go up to the lik $30. i just wish i knew what the mm's meant. *sigh*
i mean i really want color IR or there is no point in me even buying a filter b/c you can get the b&w look is PS. should i go up mm's? man im confused.
the mm's refer to how large your lens's threads are. it should say on the front , its just a filter size. as for color, i dont really know what to tell you. that photo was doen with an IR filter most likely, or possibly a modified camera. but thats mostly post processing that'll make that happen
i have an 18-55 mm kit lense on a nikon d40. i saw pics the IR hoya lense took and i am pleased. i just dont know what size to buy for my camera. what do you think? are the bigger the lense the lense thrades the better?
no. its specific for your lens. you NEED to buy the right size or it wont fit on your lens. Could someone please tell me the thread size on a d40 18-55?? ( i wanna say 52mm)

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