Is Photography your Hobby, Passion or Profession.

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Aug 9, 2018
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As I read the comments to some of the post, I am sometime taken aback or confused by the intensity of some of the comments; though I find most quite interesting. The comments often express viewpoints I had never thought of.

In my view; digital, film, post processing, dark room, fine lenses and technical skills are simply various ways to make good pictures. However, I find all this comes second to content.

I attribute this to the fact that I am a photographic hobbyist. I enjoy tinkering with pinhole cameras, my old cut film and 35 mm cameras, as much as my far easier to use digital.

This raised the question in my mind, how many people reading the board find photography to be their hobby, their passion or their profession?

This is not a quiz, just shear curiosity. :) :)
Hobby, and passion
Photography allowed me to express myself
Digital allows me to push the limits of my kit and my ability
See my tag line
All of the above.
Started out several decades ago as all 3, after a few jobs decided I hated the business end of it and preferred to make art with a camera to please myself.
Expensive hobby.:wink-6:
Figure I downgraded from passion to hobby but I can still get my blood boiling again if I had someone to about photography with again.

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Hobby, and passion and now addiction.. i wish i had this hobby earlier in life... it amazes me how it opens your eyes to beauty that was just taken for granted.
mainly a hobby/passion. and also a bit of a side business selling photos locally.
Used to be hobby, passion, employment (selling), passion, hobby ... now I just fix cameras, I haven't really taken any pictures for many months ... I am over it now.
Hobby and passion. Wouldn’t mind making a few bucks with it to pay for my gear. Lol. Glad I have it. Had to give up my prior passion of horseback riding due to spinal arthritis, so I grabbed the camera out of its bag and finally started to learn how to use it!
At some point in my life, all three.

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