It's me in here, but you'll recognize Chris /Binga too :)


Been spending a lot of time on here!
Sep 4, 2013
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Chris Crosley edited this @binga63 :)
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You both did great jobs! I love it!!! :)
ok peeps

first to say this...

One person deserves all the compliments in this thread and that's Chris @binga63 :)

I think he did a great job and while I was posing in a hotel room I though of him. I knew I'll send him the file to edit it (if I looked ok on the picture) because his style was really a perfect choice for what I wanted this picture to be.

I personally wasn't able to edit this picture because it's me on it and I just couldn't be creative enough and couldn't say what I wanted with the edit. I tried to edit it, but I simply didn't know what to do.

Chris edited it perfectly. My pose and what I wanted to say with it match perfectly with what he did. I guess he recognized something on the file I gave him and just went with it... it sounds so easy when it's about him.

So.... well done Chris :)
and Thank you once again :icon_hug:
Very nicely done.
I agree, it's a compliment for Chris

Beautiful subject.
ok,... so... this is a compliment for me and I'll smile and say: thank you for saying that :)

I'm really trying to get comfortable in front of the camera because I think I need to do both sides in order to become a better photographer.
this is lovely Maria
glad you like it :)
Good stuff Marija. Keep going I want to see more.
oh well, it's binga's stuff... mine was just to figure out what I want to say and how to pose, he finished it :)

but I' think two of us could do some more of this "international collaboration"

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