Just curious, How would you edit this photo on photoshop?


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Sep 14, 2010
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This is what I did to it..:)



probably the same way although I'd have been tempted to take off a bit of the sky to emphasize the wideness of the world ahead of them.

I think that shifts the emphasis somewhat and makes the ball more important as a balance.

Joe wins.

I'd like to see it without the swimmers and football.

That's amazing. What steps did you go through?

Thanks! I started in LR5. Cropped a bit off the top and the right to get rid of the sky, and center the two people. Then I warmed the overall temp of the image to take out some of the blue. Also increased contrast quite a bit using the tone curve. Then globally desaturated the image. After that I did a slight boost in saturation of the skin tones. Increased the overall clarity to bring up the details before bringing it in to PS.

There I cloned out the two swimmers and one of the sandals. Then finally added the vignette using the curve adjustment layer and a mask.
Most of the examples so far have gotten too dark for my taste, with unrealistic skies, too much vignetting; and the footballs have gone almost black.

I took a bit of a different approach, darkening the sky and sand, but not the football. I also cropped from the top and left, cloned out a couple of distractions and put a touch of detail in the blown out surf. This way, I kept the character of the original shot, while hopefully improving it.


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