Just posted one of my most "wow" pics to a facebook page..


Been spending a lot of time on here!
Aug 29, 2010
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and I'm at just over 40 likes! :lol: this is a great confidence boost in days of little motivation! ;)
and now some noticed a slight halo around a mountain, and even said they found my "HDR" too overdone. Confidence boost over :lol:
lol Post it here and we'll tell you like it is!!
Posted this without the borders:

Fjell og soloppgong by Anders Myhre Brakestad, on Flickr

I really did not see the halo-noticing and too-much-hdr comment coming from that site!

ps 50 likes! for every critic there are 50 likes from teenagers! Score!! :D
Very nice shot, what a location!

Once you like what you do, who gives a s**t what anybody thinks. I think enjoying the process of taking pictures is as important if not more so, than the end product! People's opinions are just that, opinions. Like what you do and the rest is purely subjective.
This is a very nice shot,.Dont listen to them there probably jealous. I would be pleased with it if it was my work.
Well, I hope you can enjoy and appreciate the positives, and not let the negatives bother you too much. It is a nice picture. There is a slight halo, indicating that you pushed a bit too hard. Maybe you can work on a new, even-better version of the shot. But still, it's a pretty scene, and a nice enough picture to have garnered over three dozen LIKES!
just over 100 now ;)

I knew I'd get likes; it's the kind of pictures that non-hobby-photographers like ;)

Actually, I think the halo is from poor dodging, and not from photomatix-overcooking. anyway, I dumped the raw file when I moved to my new mac - I didn't have space for 100 gigs of raw files, so I narrowed my digital photos down to around 20 gigs :O it felt kind of wrong, but I'm glad I did it!
Just tell them that the "halo" is a natural phenomenon called "snow" as it blows over the cornice.

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