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Jan 7, 2006
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Because I haven't been on the forum in....a month?? So for those of you who know I exist, HELLO!

I got a new job 3 months ago to replace my old one where I did nothing alllllll daaaaaaay. Now I work in a much more exciting, stimulating, and fun place....but work ten times harder, LOL. So I rarely go on forums any more! :lol:

But if things ever calm down I will start posting photos again...my poor camera has solely been taking product shots, no FUN shots!

I haven't forgotten about you guys!
Good to see you back, even if only for a brief moment and to let us know where you have been. While a new, much more stimulating and also much more work-intensive job might be fun, it is not quite so funny that you now can no longer spend this amount of time on this forum. And your poor camera ... must be craving for some fun photos! Next weekend? Maybe? Just so your precious camera need not suffer?
Sounds like a good gig. I have to say make those product shots fun. From experience I know that it is not easy. In the long run it will help the shots and more importantly your mental health.
Thanks, you two :)

Actually...I DO enjoy the product shots. Some of my design projects are package designs for gourmet foods and spices, and they are both fun to design and fun to shoot. Doing those product shots also forced me to get comfortable with custom WB, which I am loving. But nevertheless, I am waiting for a nice weekend when things actually start looking alive and I want to get out there and shoot some more!


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