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    Hey boys and girls,

    It's your last chance to sign up to the 2006 print exchange. The cut off date is 00:00 EST 31st Dec 2005.

    What is it?

    It's where you print a number of prints, send them to someone and get a number of prints taken by other people back in return!

    How much will this cost me?

    It will cost you a number of prints (likely about 20) which you can get done at a store or on your home printer, and two lots of small packet postage. The total cost is likely to be low (probably under $20).

    Am I good enough to enter?

    Yes, this is a fun event, so whether you won last years' National Geographic Wildlife Photographer of the Year award or whether you've only taken a few shots ever.... it doesn't matter! We still want to see your prints!

    How long do I have to get my stuff together?

    One month - January. Submissions should aim to be in by February 1st, so get snapping!

    When will I get the prints back?

    They'll be posted when the last lot have arrived - hopefully we can send out at the beginning of February.

    What's the catch?

    There isn't one.

    Any questions please ask!!




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