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Dec 22, 2011
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This week I decided it was time to start learning how to edit photos so I bought cs5 and an feeling very overwhelmed. Can anyone recommend some resources for getting started? I tried searching YouTube generically but even that was overwhelming so if anyone knows a specific YouTube presenter who does a good intro to photoshop I would really appreciate the recommendation! I'm also open to book recommendations. Thanks!
Get a week long trial for Lynda.com, or pay a month's dues, there are some of the best tutorials you will find on there. They range from 4 to 11 hours long, and start from "I don't know anything about Photoshop", to advanced. If you can find a week, or few days trial, it really is, IMO, worth it to join for at least a month.
For youtube to work, you need to search each process individually. If you want to soften skin, search for that. Great info on there, but just searching for how to use CS5 is a bit too wide.
rexbobcat, Thanks for the tip, I'm definitiely going to check that one out.
Just google what you want to do and learn the techniques. There's often multiple ways to accomplish something so find the one that works best for you.
There are lots of You tube tutorials. Also, I am not sure about your area, but we have a local camera store that offers photography classes and also CS5 classes. Check your local cameras shops or or continuing education.
When I got started with PS my wife had the cs2 edition that she was using for her communication classes. So they trained her on basics and then she trained me. Then from there I learned most things from written tutorials. Start with doing basic image adjustments in the Image section. But most of the basic editing for photos can be done in the raw converter. You can also set to raw converter for use with jpegs as well.
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Nice choice, I have the same one at home.

I too have this book and find it very helpful. Look into your local colleges too like someone else said. I'm looking to take one too for cs5 it is de very over whelming. One thing I found for myself that helped a lot. I also have lightroom 3 and learned that first and it helped a lot!

Lightroom 3 is on sale today for 69$ let me find the link!
I 2nd Lynda.com, specifically Deke McClelland's series on cs5. They are absolutely excellent and he has a good sense of humor. Definitely worth the price.
Get all books by Scott Kelby ;)

And these are amazing tutorials, second to none: http://pshero.com/
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Look up how to use adjustment layers, especially with layer masks. For specific image adjustments, probably Curves, Color Saturation and Balance and Brightness are the most common. Selective Color is very useful, but a little more advanced. Black and White conversion is also good to know if you're interested in B&W. Of course cropping and spotting (either Clone tool or Healing Brush) are important, but these are a little more self-explanatory.
Open CS5. Press the F1 key on your keyboard. That will take you to Adobe Community Help and a broad range of information.

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