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    I have a tamron 100-300mm zoom lens for my canon. the lens took a fall and now it sounds like a screw or something small it rolling around in there. it will catch and not extend at times like something is trapped. if i point it up and close the extention all the way it will then extend out to 300. I think it would cost more to fix it than its worth. it also will not fine focus after about 200mm. if I take the plate off the back, will that allow access to the center channel where I am hearing the rattle?

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    Possibly, but not likely. Lens construction is very complicated and very convoluted. You're not going to take off the mounting plate and find a big open tube or anything like that. You certainly can take lenses apart, and in the days of all mechanical lenses, I took apart and repaired a number of my own, but with all the electronics, ribbon cables etc in a modern lens, you're really walking in to a mine field. If you don't feel it's worth the cost of repair, and don't mind taking a chance that the lens will become nothing more than a paperweight, go for it, but if you still want to be able to use the portion that works, I would leave well enough alone.

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