Lighting? What is that?


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Aug 12, 2011
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Okay... I'm not stupid. I've decided to learn about lighting since I've mastered exposure (I think). Where do I start? Everything seems so confusing, even after reading thread after thread... All I know is... Use a reflector to smoothen the darker size. Diffuse the light to prevent harsh shadows. Bounce the light on the ceiling. Ah it's complicated, as least more than exposure. I don't think what I've learnt is a good starting point. Any ideas?
Actually, what you've learned is a pretty good starting point. Practice, practice, practice.
Read the "lighting 101" (and 102) at Strobist

Really good foundation in a few hours reading. The rest comes from lots and lots of practice.

Lighting theory ties into exposure theory quite tightly, it's not any more complicated than learning exposure, it's just a couple more variables that play with the ones you already know.
I second the strobist.
Neil Van Niekerk has 2 books out on speedlights both on and off camera.
Joe McNally's Hotshoe Diaries is good has a lot on studio lighting that is pretty decent.
I started by studying different portrait lighting styles and the function of each light that you use on the set. I used only 1 light for a while just to see the effect of shadows then gradually add other elements.

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