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Sep 4, 2007
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Alright, i'm wondering if i could link two flashes (2 Sunpack 383s) via their SYNC port? Basically could i put one on my hot shoe, have a sync cord run from that one to the second one, press the shutter and have both fire?
no it will be for portraits in my own house. COULD i use a wire? just asking because the wire i could get around here for cheap and would not have to worry about getting the peanut in time.. (doing this for christmas)
Where are you in Jersey I am sure there has to be somewhere near you that carries them.
If my parents when I was a kid can take a day trip to Sandy Hook from Staten Island for the beach you can take a drive to Manhattan or wherever it is located to but a peanut slave from B+H.
haha yes i COULD but i dont have 4 hours round trip. i'll look around and see if i can find any. thanks JIP. but just wondering (haha im stubborn cant you tell) would it be POSSIBLE to link them or would it fry a flash or just not work?
haha sorry if i wasnt a student and had nothing better to do i would be too... to bad im a student and i dont feel like paying gas prices up the wazoo so i can go ride to the city (id be there photographing forget the photography store).
Well you are full of exscuses so just use one flash and let it go. I think there are alot of people on here (even students with no money) who would kill to live as close as you do to B+H.
okay okay I get it I'm arrogant and don't apprecaite how close i live to B&H sheesh all i wanted was a simple answer.

oh and yes im very close about 5-10 min to asbury
now only difference between that setup (which i've seen that page many times) Is i cant connect them via PC on my camera (i dont have it) so would it still work with hot shoe mounting the one and then sync cording the other one? (hmm seems like that was my original question) haha
I think you need to go by the specs of your specific flash. If your flash has outputs use them otherwise mabye use the same setup and mount one of the flash units on the top of your camera. Do you have a PC output on your camera??

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