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Oct 21, 2016
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I thought about whether or not to start this topic. It isn't quite like a "music" topic or a "TV" topic. Live theatre is generally not that popular. In fact, I average something like 1 show every 5 - 10 years (I'm not sure). I have not seen much mention of live theatre in the Coffee House either, so I think it is common that it just is not very popular. But I think it is worth a topic so that on the rare occasion that someeone has something to say, we have a place for it. I think the topic is important enough for people interested in photography because many peopl "here" aspire to become artists and to become an artist, you should be aware of the rest of the artistic community.

To start this topic, I will mention:

"My Neighbour Totoro | Opening Night"
posted by the "Royal Shakespeare Company" to YouTube Nov 10, 2022, [length 2:00]

This is a current show with a limited engagement in England. No, I will not be attending. It is based on the animated movie and is being co-produced by Jo Hishashi who composed the music for the movie. The original movie by Miazaki is one of the most famous animated movies in the world.
The second show I would like to mention is called "KPOP" and is apparently beginning a Broadway run. No, I will not be seeing this one either:

"Broadway Exclusive: A Sneak peek of Hottest Musical - KPOP",
posted by "Newsy Media", Oct 18, 2022, [length 17:09]

I think this one currently stars a former K-Pop idol "Luna" from "F(x)". If that is true then I can say that Luna is a real former K-Pop star, from a major group.
I actually love live theater very much, and have been a member of a local theater group in the past, and been in several plays (also doing backstage stuff).

My main issue these days is just lack of interest on my part in seeing what gets promoted in bigger local theaters. Not questioning their professionalism and talent; it's mainly just typical family-friendly fare, meant to attract the largest audience possible. I'm much more interested in adult-themed theater, more edgy plays, and those are usually done by smaller groups and I've not lived in an area where they were easy to find, let alone to get to.

I also agree that we should support the visual arts, theater, as well as music venues and museums.
I wish I'd gotten involved with theatre helping with backstage. The only stuff I have seen personally were small university productions. I don't even remember their names. Cast of five size stuff. But it was the big productions that got me interested in creating the topic. These two surprised me. I didn't expect them.
I was not very happy with the clip from "KPOP" above, but I did not expect to find something better. But this is much better:

"Cast of Broadway musical ‘KPOP’ perform live in Times Square l GMA",
posted Oct 18, 2022 by "Good Morning America"[length 4:11]

2023-01-25: I did not know that this link has been blocked. I'm going to leave it for now, though it is an unnecessary comment anyway.
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Cute girls, cute costumes, energy and....that's about it for me. ;) See, this is exactly the kind of stuff I do NOT want to pay to see. This is just pop music/boy band/TikTok stuff, and why it's on Broadway is a mystery to me. It doesn't mean it's bad - but just not anything I'd pay to see.

Guess I'm too old and picky. :lol:
The Logic of The Shuttlepod Show

I have been thinking about adding this post to this "theatre" discussion for a while now. This discussion is itself a tangent off the main topics of this forum, but seeing theatre helps develop a "photographic eye." I think that there is clear enough relationship to photography. But this post is about the "Shuttlepod" show, which is a bunch of interviews of Star Trek related people, and conducted by Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating of "Enterprise". So it sounds like this is even further off-topic and more into "fannish" territory. But "Shuttlepod", so far has had some surprising discussions about how various people got into the entertainment business. And it turns out that the most common story for these people tends to have a lot of "live theatre" involvement. So that is why I'm posting about it "here".

"Shuttlepod Episode 001: "What the Phlox?" with John Billingsley",
posted Feb 20, 2022, by "The Shuttlepod Show", [length 53:35]

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