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May 23, 2011
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Eatonville, Washington
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One wrong step and it can be a long way down. I don't think I'm even 1/10th that agile on flat ground. Caught these on a nice flat gray winter afternoon.

#1 Coming around the point...


#2 Across the side...


#3 Back on top...
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#4 They saw me way before I even began to think of looking for them...


#5 On the outcrop..


#6 The ones that were closer and didn't have the open sky behind them come out much nicer, but not nearly as dramatic of a drop around them.
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Last shot is my fav. That second shot really shows what they're capable of...just strolling across a near vertical wall.
I'm with Archer on these ... the bland sky is not helping the ones that have lots of it, so one with more mountains as (blurred) background is a relief, actually. Though I do understand that you can't do anything much against bland skies when those are all you're having when you're there to see (and photograph) such scenes as these.
And like Archer, also I think that the second photo shown is also just about second best ... that together with the first of the second post. (Numbering your photos would help us some...).
Maybe you should have used a larger aperture for the last picture if your lens allow you to. The bokeh isn't really pleasing.
Great sets.

Numbers would help go into more detail.

The 2nd of the first set is best to me. I like the cliff for reference. The 1st in this set the white sky just looks vacant.

In the second set I like the third one, they appear very nice and crisp and for me the bokeh isn't unpleasant.
Michael, going to a "smaller" aperture won't help much here, that far mountainside is nearly a mile off. It's the result of the formation of rocks/distance and doesn't seem to matter which lens/aperture is used it comes out like that, which in this series was the 400 2.8 IS with 1.4 TC onboard. It gets really messed up when panning eagles with that background.


Numbers added, I'm so used to using just cut lines and titles for images so I just normally default to that when putting images up when I'm up late.

#7 Mom and the kids...



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