Lol I really don't know what I am doing


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May 10, 2007
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I suck at post, I'm not fond of it to begin with but the otherday I was goofing around with the levels on a picture and thought it looked kinda cool, so I'll post it.

Taken with my Yashica T3D
The building looks more like a model. But I don't really like the picture.
Seems a little hazy. None of the tones really pop to me.
Looks too noisy, and it lacks contrast IMO.

Mess around a lil more with it I s'pose.
Just about everything I take is going to be noisy to some extent, I use the fastest film I can get locally almost exclusivly. I very rerely do any post at all, this was litterally just playing with an image taken for this thread. I don't know jack squat about the tone levels adjuster so I figured if I am gonna do any thing with it I have to screw with it and figure it out. None of the tones popped to begin with and I killed them even more with the contrast. I did sharpen it bit but I did not want to over sharpen so I did not go to extremes.

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