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Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by gatorade, May 6, 2007.

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    i've had a canon xt for about 3 months now and am just getting into long exposure. i was orignially just doing 8-30 second long exposures and the longer ones would kind of get an orange tint to the them compared to the 8 second one's, then the other day i finally bought myself a remote and have been using bulb mode and i took my camera to the industrial park and took a ten minute long exposure and it turned out alright but with a it still had the tint. in my city the street lights are kind of yellow tinted so i think that is why im getting tinted photographs i could just use black and white to develop so it wouldnt show up tinted but i was wondering what are some other options, is there a filter i could use to get rid of it or should i switch the setting or should i do it for longer?

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    Digital camera right? City lights give off a yellow glow. Try changing the white balance of shoot in RAW and compensate for the white balance / tint when you post process.

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