Longfellow bridge at “sunrise”


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Mar 18, 2013
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Went out for sunrise last week because the prediction was for good color and it was before the clock change so I didn’t have to get up too too early. Color was a bust. I think my sunrise success over the past year has been about 1 for every 10 which can be very discouraging. At least with this location I got something else. This is the Longfellow Bridge from the Cambridge side of the Charles River. Usually you can’t get close enough to water level here to get this angle due to the high bank but the gate at the top of the stairs to the floating dock was open..

Longfellow Bridge by SharonCat..., on Flickr
I like that a lot, looks like mother nature threw you a nice curve ball.
I think the clouds add drama. The blue hour is good too.
Nice shot. Love the red against the black.

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That's a great contrast between the red lights and the dark water and sky.
It reminds me of something I took this Fall at the lake from the boat. It was a foreboding sky. Sometimes unique is better than ideal.

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