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May 25, 2007
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Madoc, Ontario Canada
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so i was walking around and thought I would go check out this old factory that is in my town... i thought i'd have a go at breaking in, because from the outside, it looked like it was going to have a lot of character inside.. so, i searched around, but the place was like fort knox... all the doors had baracades on the inside that made it impossible to pry them open enough for me to get it (a small kid probably could, but i'm 6'5" 280 lbs..) but, i got the door opened enough to get my hand in, with my camera so i could get a shot of how it looked...

check this place out.. its exactly what i thought it would be...


so, because it looked so sweet.. i decided to take things a little further.. i went up to the real estate agents office (because its for sale) to find out who owns it... turns out, i know the guy quite well.. so, tuesday i will be talking to him to see if i can borrow his building for a day so I can do some photos for a musician next weekend...

heres to hoping he's nice about lending out his abandoned building

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