print issues between 40d and 50d.


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Feb 6, 2009
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Well I have been looking into which camera I should get the 40d or the 50d and one of the issues I'm debating is print. Not just quality but size. I'm use to working with applications for print such as illustrator and 3dsmax where pixel lost is not really an issue. So I'm use to getting large prints. Usually about 24x36 sometimes larger. I have a cityscape that is 2ft x 9ft. So I'm kind of leaning towards the 50d do to the greater number of megapixels. However, I have been told that when it comes to print it's not all about megapixels but quality of image as well. Having seen a 40x60 print from a 8mp camera I can vouch for that fact.

One thing that does confuse me is the issue with the 50d and the optics. I've read that to take full advantage of the 50d's 15.1mp sensor you need really good lenses. The salesman at my local camera shop told me that while that's true a good lens does not necessarily have to be an expensive lens and recommended using a EF 50mm F/1.8 till I can afford a good zoom lens. So I'm curious if that's true? Also, if someone could explain this issue it would be greatly appreciated.
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If printing large is you goal, then more megapixels will help. More megapixels does not always equate to better image quality and can sometimes lead to more digital noise...but from what I've read, the 50D has about the same image quality as the 40D but with more it's indeed an improvement.

Of course, making large prints will enlarge any faults along with everything else, so it's best to do everything you can to optimize quality. That means doing things like using a tripod, remote release/timer, mirror lock up and a good lens.

Good lenses are not always expensive, but price usually is a rough gauge of quality. The 50mm F1.8 is very inexpensive and optically it's very good...but the build quality is near the bottom of the barrel, so to speak. There are many, many lenses to choose from and that may be a whole new discussion.

From what I can tell, either the 40D or 50D would be a good choice for you, and the 50D would probably be better. Heck, the 5D II would be even better still, but a lot more expensive.

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