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Jun 22, 2012
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Sioux Falls, SD
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Lumber Exchange Building, downtown Minneapolis.

It's already a little different processing for me, but I like it. As I've resaved and uploaded, I've been debating about adding a little noise to the whole thing. Thoughts?

As always, comments welcome.

IMG_4326a by breckmiller, on Flickr
I'm not sure what steps you took, but let me guess at a couple. Overall, it looks a little too desaturated. The colors look kind of dead to me, especially the sky. Also, I'm thinking that you straightened the verticals. I think that the image needs at least a bit of convergence toward the top. The angled roof line, combined with the parallel uprights on the projecting corner actually create the illusion of divergence to me, which looks a bit weird.

Otherwise, it's an interesting take on a neat old building.
^^^ Agree - it actually looks over-corrected, with some divergence at the top. If you want to desaturate the building, you probably want to desaturate the sky more than the building.
I agree with the above comments. Very good play of light on the building. I think this makes the shot.
Thanks for the feedback. I'll rework it and put the rework up a little later.
Allright, here's the rework. I put a little convergence back in there, but not as much as the original. I did go back and look at it, but thought it way to much. I also went full-color, no desaturation.


IMG_4326b by breckmiller, on Flickr
A slight desaturation of the building would give the viewer a feel of an old-time era.

The perspective is more realistic.
Your second take on the shot is great, first one was just too flat for my liking
I like both. Maybe the 2nd a little more.

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