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Oct 6, 2009
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Phoenix Arizona
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Been a little since i have posted on here. Thought I would share a little of what i got today.
First i went out and got me a 430exll. I was in bad need of a speedlight in order to get my shutter speed up. It did really well and am impressed with it so far. Funny that it has a book almost the size of my cameras lol. well a lot to learn i guess. I dont have a difuser yet but that im sure will be next.
Couple shots i got.

1. this was a jumper i chased around my yard for about 10 min. lol was half the fun right?
No editing except for a little crop for dead space.

This was a wasp that kept hanging around on this one leaf. Pretty tame to get a shot off.

Just thought this guy had some cool looking eyes. Enhanced a bit in PS. Might be the first time I have got Bokeh in the eyes of a bug!

This one I really liked. Reminds me of a Cockatoo. Was about 5mm long shot with my 90mm macro and a raynox 250. No PS except to fill the frame more with a crop.

Thanks for looking!
lol if it did. It wouldnt need salt as much as i was sweating!
On the whole pretty good shots, but all them would (IMO) benefit from a greater depth of field. Of course that comes with it's own set of challenges (sufficient shutter speed from stopping down, namely). You never see a published bug photo where half the bug is out of focus.
Good shots.

A Raynox 250 on the end of a macro lens eh.

Ron, wondering what he could get with his 150 on a macro. Or on something else with tubes.

See what you just did Bryan.
Thanks for the CC. All the shots were shot at f/9 but the wasp was f/10. I agree and never really thought about the pros and really what they are doing to produce the great shots. Your so right tho! I just got a flash so as i lear about flashes I should be able bump my game up a little.

lol, It has been working out ok. Slap that 150 on and head out! Its been a bit of a learning curve for ME but im starting to get used to it. I just posted tonights shots up on the macro forums here of a moth. Its been the closed clearest I have gotten yet with that combo.
check it out!

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