Malibu Sunset


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Dec 10, 2007
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Los Angeles
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I went hiking today in Malibu Creek canyon which is part of the Santa Monica Mountains recreational park. We were driving towards the beach in the hopes of making the sunset.. we just missed it, but since I had my tripod, I got a few with the sky still red. This was actually the first time i've taken long exposure night shots, so i'm glad some came out nice. The sky was actually already dark on the left side.

Both were taken with my 24mm f/2.8D Nikkor. It's what I had on my camera at the time and just grabbed it before the light was all gone.. both were f/8. The first is 13 seconds, the second is 6 seconds.

That little island out there (I think it's Catalina Island) makes the pic look slightly crooked, but it's not...


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